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Weekly Mp3 Rotation
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24th-Sep-2006 03:15 pm - SPECIAL INDIES ROTATION
Foreign - Esther// sakurahoshi

Thoughts and opinions AND song samplings :DCollapse )

Note: PLESE COMMENT PLEEEEEASE. This took me like...all week to put together XD
(starred bands are my faves, btw)

x-posted a few places~
1st-Aug-2006 10:39 am - Look! A rotation! OMG.
Haruno Sakura// me
I'm sorry I've been totally neglecting this rotation ToT The last few times I tried to upload stuff, none of the filetransfer programs were working x_x But YSI was being nice this week, so I got some stuff up!! YAY!!

This week is a big mix of Japanese, French, American, British, and probably more...something for everybody I hope! :D

Just like You, made by He, despised by They, I'm almost Me!Collapse )

If you want anything else by the artists under the cut, just lemme know :)

1st-Jun-2006 08:39 pm - whaha I have returned or something
Haruno Sakura// me
HI GUYS I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN MONTHS HAVE I?!?! I'm sorry u-u Please forgive me ._.

Have some music :3Collapse )

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU LIKE!!! So that I can post more of that :3

Loki, I am adding you to my userinfo as an affiliate XD Sorry for not getting back to you sooner about that lol e_e *fails*
8th-Feb-2006 07:32 pm(no subject)
Haruno Sakura// me
Big rotation this week. I'm on hiatus on my personel LJ, but I feel like updating something (been on lj too long I guess), so i uploaded a ton of stuff for you guys (...the three of you that still comment e_e).

Please comment if downloading, it makes me happy T_T

A crapload of random music and PVsCollapse )
3rd-Feb-2006 01:57 pm - UPCOMING
Haruno Sakura// me
I've been downloading tons and tons of new music and videos lately, and it's kind of hard to keep track in my head what stuff I want to upload for you guys ^^; So this is going to be an ever-growing list of crap that I plan to upload at some point in the future. I will cross things out once they have already been uploaded. It's mostly just for my own peace of mind.

If anyone has any requests from this list that they wish to see posted as soon as possible, please comment with what you would like, and I will make a note of it and make sure to upload it with the next rotation :D

Future Uploads ListCollapse )

More to come |D

last updated: February 3, 2006
30th-Jan-2006 05:44 pm - dunno what week it is...
Haruno Sakura// me
I have not rotated in like...forever! I am sorry ;o;

Really random this week...Collapse )
15th-Dec-2005 02:28 pm - ...
Haruno Sakura// me
Okies, as some of you have seen, we have a new rotator on board :3 aikoe is a very good friend of mine and has been wanting to do some rotations...for now she's going to be a guest rotator every now and then, and starting sometime in January she'll be doing it every week (or so), along with me ^o^

So, she's already posted her rotation, here's mine ^^ Random stuff this week, a lot of indies, some jpop...

Muuuuuuusic~Collapse )
bloodied knight
Hello hello~! I get to do a guest rotation! Or maybe a not-guest rotation. I GET TO DO SOME FORM OF ROTATION~!!!! xD *happy dance*

L'Arc~en~Ciel, Tetsu69, Fir, Katamari Damacy ^^Collapse )
5th-Dec-2005 04:00 pm - Weeeeek....I dunno >.>
Haruno Sakura// me
WOW I'm sorry guys o.x I haven't been keeping up very well with this lately, have I? X____x I've just been having some problems (check my LJ for details) but I'm doing a bit better ^^; Small update this week, though :x Sorry!

INDIES!!! Gilgamesh, Cuartet, some others~Collapse )

PLEASE COMMENT!!! Thanks and enjoy ^__^
22nd-Nov-2005 11:46 am(no subject)
Haruno Sakura// me
Didn't have much time this week, but I uploaded this stuff over at my own LJ, so I'll just use it for this week's [late] rotation XD

Below the cut is the newest album from Kagrra, my newest obsession @_@ ***indicate my favorites!

Kagrra, ~san~ albumCollapse )

Other fun stuff that you all should download:

Lareine - Fuyu Tokyo
Jack Off Jill - Love Song
Bis (+Shou/Alice Nine) talk clip
^ that little clip cracks me up for some reason XD It has Bis and they're all like "BIS DESU!!" over and over and then they all go "Wakaru!" over something (I can't understand enough to know what they're talking about), but it's really funny apparently and they're all laughing and stuff and the kid with the pink hair (I don't know their names x_x) is like...eating the camera and crazy things like that O_O And then Shou from Alice Nine (who is obviously off to the side, along with quite a few others, because bis keeps looking over and talking/laughing with them XD) randomly butts his head in and waves and keeps popping in and out of view randomly O__o And I dunno, but IT'S REALLY AMUSING AND CUTE XD
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